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Improving & Restoring Healthy Gut (Bowel/Colon)

Colon Therapist

Alta Ferreira with over 28 years experience, specialising in the bowel (gut/colon), with the added benefit of recovering from many health issues of my own and with losing my mum to colon cancer, it made me search for health solutions on how to improve and restore:

Healthy gut (bowel, colon);

Bloated stomach (colon, bowel);


Digestive problems;


Healthy weight;

Probiotics for healthy gut (bowel, colon);

Mental and emotional stress;


Skin condition;


On my journey to health I realised that the health of your body can be directly dependent on the health of your colon (gut/bowel). With many years experience as a colon therapist it became clear that the condition of the bowel is related to the condition of other parts of the body. We should look at the bowel first, not last. A toxic colon could be the source of many health problems. We need to expand our knowledge and learn how to become healthy and stay healthy.

This is then a good time to now help improve and restore our bowel (gut/bowel) function:

  • This could build up immunity.
  • This could help your body fight disease and viruses like what we are dealing with right now.

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